Roasted Almonds

Roasted Almonds

Prep Time: ~2 min.
Cook time: 10 min.

-Raw almonds (I used 1 can of blue diamond almonds but use as much or as little as you want)

-good olive oil


-100% cocoa

pre-heat the oven to 350. In a bowl drizzle a little olive oil on the almonds, add cinnamon (about 2 spoonfuls) and a little cocoa (maybe 1/2 spoonful).

-Mix ingredients well and spread evenly on a non-stick pan.

-Cook for about 10min. but make sure they do not start to turn dark. They will harden when you allow them to cool.

-Enjoy! I like leaving them in the fridge. After a few hours (or the next day) they are really good.


Garden photo’s

Garden photo's

Garden photo's

Garden photo's

Garden photo's

Here are some follow up pictures from my post on growing your own foods.

Now is a great time to start certain seeds if you have indoor space OR wait until the last front and find a local grower to purchase transplants. I’ve been buying my tomato plants from a lady I found off craigslist a few years ago. They are very cheap, especially compared to big box stores, and she has a wide variety.

Some of the easiest foods I’ve grown include jalapeños, tomatoes, most herbs, cucumbers, arugula… Last year I should have removed some branches to allow for more sun and planned better for squirrels who enjoy snatching tomatoes, taking a bite and spitting it out. <— so far this is the hardest part of growing – dealing with inconsiderate wildlife.


If your new to CrossFit here are 3 PDF’s worth reading:

1. This article is a basic overview of CrossFit (and a very short read):

2. For a more in depth look check this one out.  It covers the methodologies, explains the variance of workouts and touches on nutrition.

3. Foundations of CrossFit. This article talks about the different training components comprising CrossFit, answers a few questions, such as “Is CF for me?”, and is what the level 1 certification teaches just not nearly as detailed.  But this is what makes up a lot of what CrossFit is and is a great read.

Paleo diet reviewed

Paleo diet reviewed

This link is review of the paleo diet from web md

It’s true cost can be barrier for paleo but also for any diet promoting high-quality foods.  One suggestion is growing your own vegtables, fruits, herbs, and nuts – maybe raise some chickens if your county allows it (or frequently go noodling 🙂   ).  

This is a good website to get started and learn about growing:


I built 4 raised garden beds and spent less than $20 to build each of them.  Depending on the quality of soil you have you may need to bring some in.  Try to find a bulk distributor, which is WAY cheaper than big box stores.  They will deliver it – at least they do in Atlanta – and it definitely counts as a workout if you do it yourself 😉


Even starting small and growing only herbs will save you lots of money.  Rosemary, for example, is a few $’s at the store.   For that price you could have just about an endless supply of rosemary.